Are you covered?

Dawn Luhning |

Over five years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In a heartbeat, my focus changed for me. First of all, I became really panicked. Was I going to die? What treatments was I going to need? How much time off work would I have to take? Oh my God. If I can't work how can I pay the bills?

Oh wait. I have critical illness coverage. I think I'll be ok. 

I knew I would be okay when my advisor handed me the cheques in his Regina office. When I started in the insurance business, I bought all of these health coverages thinking I would never need them BUT that I needed to have them in order to sell the policies to my clients. I believed 100% in the coverage and still do.

That money meant more to me than any get well card ever would. I could now breathe easy that whatever I was facing ... well, that I just might be ok.

Do you have that kind of reassurance? Are you covered if you suddenly hear your doctor say "you have cancer". Because I'll be honest. The words after that are kind of a blur. I'm not sure I absorbed much information after that. It's part of the reason why the medical professionals tell you to have someone with you while you're going through everything. You may not catch everything that's being said.

Oh, and now my spouse isn't working either. He is with me at these appointments. That money was necessary for us to focus on my recovery. I can't imagine not having those funds to allow us to do that.

I was covered for this type of diagnosis. Are you? Are you covered and have the funds in place to help you FOCUS on your recovery?

Everyone should have some critical illness coverage. Everyone should get a quote and PURCHASE some coverage.  Don't wait. We all know someone around us who's been diagnosed with cancer, had a stroke, had a heart attack, it goes on and on. One in two people are now diagnosed with cancer. 

Your children and grandchildren should have coverage. Everyone should have some coverage for this unexpected news. Get a quote. Talk to an advisor. Ask me and I'll quote it for you.

Money can't buy you your health back. But it can protect you from worrying too much about money when your focus should be on your health.

~ Dawn