Can technology really make all things easier?

Dawn Luhning |

I've always been a bit of a 'geek' when it comes to technology. I love technology. I do believe that it can make tasks easier and smoother in many instances.

For example, when we renovated our home, the first thing that had to go in were the plug-ins, in every room for our wireless speakers. I had researched and researched the 'best' system and those outlets were literally the first things to be done. Having music in every room of our home, and at our fingertips, to me, makes our life more enjoyable and technology has helped with that.

Here in my business, I have the technology to make the services I do for you, easier for you. I can do many things without having to meet with you (even though I want to don't get me wrong!). It's small things like initialing changes on forms, signatures on forms, etc. that can be cumbersome at times. If you have the ability to sign on screen (iPhone, iPad, Samsung tablet, Surface, touchscreen laptop/computer, etc) I can send these documents to you through my signing software and you can sign on screen and send back to me. It's that simple!

You can buy insurance from me, life, health etc and we can do it virtually. I can share my screen with you and conference call to do the applications. Everyone is so busy now a days that sometimes trying to find the best time to book an appointment for a face to face is just not feasible. Kids schedules get in the way, volunteer board meetings get in the way...who has time to meet in person to buy insurance? I can help with that!

Want to transfer an account from another institution because you're just not happy with the company/performance/advisor? Let me help. Almost all of the bank mutual funds are able to be held in accounts here with me as your advisor. We can move those accounts as is and then take a look at your investment mix when those accounts arrive. Are the funds appropriate for your needs? Should any changes be made? I do know that sometimes it's difficult to get personalized service from the bank. My three-person office is as personal as it gets! So even though I love technology, you're not going to get a voice mail (at least not that often) when you call my office and I hope that I can provide the personalized service you deserve for your investments and insurance needs. And if we need to use the technology to make it all happen, we will!

So I say let's embrace the technology (if you want) and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you - I offer a full suite of investments and insurance products to help with all kinds of financial situations. 

~ Dawn