Did you know?

Dawn Luhning |

Happy warmer Tuesday! I hope you are all enjoying the weather.

Well, President Trump was sworn into office on Friday and the markets are waiting with bated breath on his first moves as the new commander-in-chief. So far the markets have been positive with the news of his win and so I am watching the investment news closely to get a handle on how the next few months may be with him in charge. Very interesting times indeed...

Did you know, that you can buy your travel insurance from me if you're headed off on a hot holiday? Going to Europe? Maybe even Australia? I can help you with travel coverage that's comprehensive and valuable for you and your family. I'm licensed in both investments and personal insurance and I know that many of you did not know that I can help with your personal insurance needs whether it be life insurance, disability, critical illness and other health coverages.

Did you know, that mortgage insurance provided by your lender is declining coverage? You pay level premiums for that declining coverage. There are so many reasons why you should own personal life insurance to cover your mortgage and other debts rather than creditor insurance. If you aren't sure of those reasons and would like a second opinion, I would be happy to provide you with a quote to protect your mortgage and any other debts you may be carrying. Ensuring that your loved ones receive the benefit of your life insurance in the event of your untimely passing is much more reassuring than your lender getting the benefit.

Did you know, you can buy up to $25000 in cancer coverage without answering any medical questions? You can have the benefit of cash in hand if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, cancer being one of the top four illnesses. Let me know if you'd like a quote and we can get this valuable coverage in place. When I was diagnosed in August 2013, this coverage gave me the peace of mind I needed to get through my treatment and recover.

Did you know, that the deadline for RRSP contributions for the 2016 tax year is 1 March? 

Did you know, that the contribution room for Tax Free Savings Accounts for 2017 is $5500? 

I hope this information has been informative and helpful for you to ensure that you have everything you need for your financial plans. You can book an appointment with me here to discuss any of these options further. Have a great week!

~ Dawn