Do you need another option for these volatile markets?

Dawn Luhning |

With all of the volatility in the markets, I've been working with many clients to look at an investment that protects their principal yet provides them an opportunity to invest in the markets. The investment requires you to pick a three, four, five or six year time frame, so you need to be able to invest the funds on a longer term basis.

This particular investment is Guarantee Advantage with Desjardins Insurance. You can get access to Consumer Staples, Emerging Markets, ESG Global Diversified investments (environmental, socially responsible, governance - ESG), global diversified, financials and opportunities markets, depending on the 'basket' of invesments that you choose. Your principal is guaranteed and in each basket there is a maximum return that can be earned on your money. The new June campaign begins 19 March and continues until 20 May (deposits are accepted for this campaign during this time frame). Here are some of the return ranges on the baskets: 3 years, global diversified, up to 13%; 5 year basket in emerging markets, up to 33%; and there is also an unlimited return in the 5 year basket, in the Global Opportunities markets.

Your minimum deposit to these investments is $500 and they are eligible for RRSPs, RRIFs, TFSAs, LIRAs, PRIFs and LIFs as well as non-registered accounts. Features of this investment include tax advantages, being able to designate a beneficiary (in particular on the non-registered account) and the protection of your principal investment. There are no fees to invest.

If you would like more information on Guarantee Advantage, and to determine if this is right for you, let's chat. Send me a text at 306.681.8045. I have attached the first page of the June campaing here.

Be well ~ Dawn