Do you suffer from "FOMO"?

Dawn Luhning |

Happy Wednesday!

I nearly laughed out loud...oh wait, LOL, when I saw this article this morning. Our good friends and neighbours and I laugh about the fact that I do NOT suffer from FOMO. In other words, the fear of missing out. I'm content in being with myself, enjoying quiet time etc and I don't really worry about missing out on anything. Maybe that's a bad thing? Anyways...

I thought this article was a great read from SunLife. It talks about "keeping up with the Joneses" which is also another inside joke with me and David. You'd have to share a drink or dinner with us to get an inside view of what we mean here (haha). "Keeping up with the Joneses" is certainly prevalant now a days. Social media has people sharing their holidays, new vehicles, new houses, new patio furniture, oh the list goes on and on with all of us everyday. Sometimes it is hard to feel like you're "keeping up". Instagram, Facebook - it does all seem like a competition at times. And this article touches on what that does to your wallet.

Budgeting is something no one likes to do and I have to admit at times, I'm not great at it. But having a budget helps with suffering from "FOMO". Pour yourself a coffee or tea and enjoy...and if you need help preparing a budget, I can help. I can also help you save money for these fun things in life, or holidays, or renovations or...retirement.

Now I'm going to go online and shop for something I've been looking at for a few days...JK! (just kidding!)....

ps. Starting Friday June 29 until Friday August 31, my office will be closed on FRIDAYS during the summer. We are open regular office hours Monday - Thursday 9-12, 1:15-4.

Chat again soon!

~ Dawn