Giving the gift of financial literacy

Dawn Luhning |

It's getting even closer to Christmas and you've possibly already started thinking about the gifts you need to buy for your children or grandchildren or maybe you haven't yet. What to get? What's the cool, trendy gadget that everyone wants to have?

All of these gadgets and 'stuff' is great, but does it make a lasting impression or leave a trail of financial literacy? SunLife published this article on gifts to give to children of certain ages and the suggestion of giving the game of Monopoly immediately brought back memories for me of spirited games with my brother when I was younger. I'm wondering if that may have been when I realized I wanted to be in the financial business, in some way shape or form. It may have been and for me, playing Monopoly at a young age left a big impression.

You can do the same for your children and grandchildren. Get them gifts that teach them about finances. They don't learn enough about how to manage money or handle financial situations in school. Getting them to think about saving at an early age can help them into their futures. The suggestions in the article are great ones and I hope it helps you with your shopping list.

As a side note, Registered Education Savings Plans are always a good investment for children and grandchildren when it comes to Christmas and birthdays. Getting free money from the government by contributing to an RESP is always a good thing.

Happy 'shopping'! ~ Dawn