Guaranteed Income for life?

Dawn Luhning |

As we live longer into our later years, many of you are having concerns about outliving your retirement savings. Will Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security still be available when I'm able to take those payments? Is it ever enough with the costs of things increasing all the time. The cost of housing, groceries, gas and many others are fuelled by increases all the time.

On top of increasing costs, investing in the markets as you get closer to retirement can be stressful, if not painful. Watching the savings that you've worked towards retiring with, decrease in value can be head-turning and anxiety filled. There is a way to stop those feelings and sleepless nights and never worry about volatility into your later years.

If you've never asked me about Guaranteed Income For Life, now may be a great time. Further, with interest rates a bit higher than they've been in years, this investment can be very attractive for guaranteeing you income from your retirement funds for the rest of your life. By investing in this savings vehicle, you may never have to worry about volatility in the markets again. It provides you with a stream of income for your life (and if married, your spouse's life) until you pass away. Never worry about the markets again!

Each individual situation is different but where these savings work very well is with a client who is taking their minimum payments only from their Registered Retirement Income Funds/RRIFs. There is a way to make your income stream last for your life. You can make any savings account last forever by talking to me about these investments and how they work, and more importantly if they would work for you.

So if you are continuing to watch the markets and are thinking "Wow. When is this volatility going to end?", it can end as soon as you talk to me about investing some of your funds into this product.

Let's talk. I'm here to help. 👍

~ Dawn