How would you pay your bills if you couldn't work because you were sick?

Dawn Luhning |

I was faced with this statement and it can change your life. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the first place my mind went was to how much time I was going to be off work? How many days/months was I going to miss? Oh my goodness, how will the bills be paid?

Even though I had insurance to cover my cancer diagnosis, my mind still went there. 

No one, and I mean NO ONE who is in their working years should be faced with this dilemma. Buy the cancer insurance. Talk to an advisor about purchasing this valuable coverage in case you are diagnosed.

You may have a group plan that has disability coverage but what does it pay you? I would urge you to check the details on your coverage. Cancer coverage will provide a lump sum benefit, TAX FREE, to you if you are still alive 30 days after diagnosis. The money won't make your diagnosis go away will help you take a longer look at how you want to tackle your recovery. If you're focused on working because you have to and because you have no income when you're not working, your health will suffer even further.

Talk to me about getting a quote for some cancer coverage. Everyone should be protected from financial distress in a time of a health crisis. Because more and more people are living through these diagnoses, but they have exhausted their savings and RRSP savings to live on through the recovery.

Here is a link to cancer statistics at a glance. 

I have coverage. Do you? Book online with me and we can discuss.