Implementing some cautions during these times...

Dawn Luhning |

As I sit here on this quiet Sunday, after shoveling this "wonderful" dump of snow in mid-March, doing some laundry and reading small snippets of updates about the virus, the markets, etc on the news, I've decided we are going to implement our own strategies around my office to help contain whatever might be lurking around us. I've always had the technology to meet with clients virtually and I believe now is the time to utilize these meeting options at this time.

For the next short while, we will utilize the phone and my meeting software (video conferencing) for meetings with clients. Many of the things we can do for you can be done virtually and I believe that we should all do things within our power to help us all stay safe and untouched by COVID-19. I don't want to delve deep into the concerns of this, as that is for the medical professionals, but at this point, we should all be doing things within our power to limit our contact with each other, for all of our well-being.

I am only a text, email, phone call or video call away. My cell number is 306.681.8045. If you'd like to meet please use my booking link on my website (at the top of the page) and we'll book a phone call or video call to discuss anything you wish. In person meetings will be limited at this time until we all get the clear that we can resume our normalcy in our lives.

If you do need to come to the office, we will limit our contact with you (involving handshakes, hugs etc) to protect you, and me, Rachelle and Krista. I believe being cautionary at all turns now, is the best way to handle this at this point.

If you have questions, let me know.

On another note, I currently have a contest running on my Facebook page and you could be entered into a draw for a $50 Starbucks gift card. I'm going to be running these types of things periodically so stay tuned. Have a great rest of your day! 

~ Dawn