It's in you to give ...

Dawn Luhning |

At this time of year, many charities see an increase in donations. Much needed donations at all levels whether they be in cash or in kind, are very valuable to the charities that you believe in. They need your generosity all year round but at this time of year, it's particularly Santa-like of you. A contribution to a registered Canadian charity can put food on the table for families in need, give underprivileged children new opportunities and help those with disabilities lead a richer life. Whatever your inspiration, charitable giving is about taking action to have a meaningful impact.

Many people do not know all the benefits of donating to a registered charity and SunLife highlighted some of those benefits in a recent newsletter. Donating to a charity can give you some significant tax savings come tax time.

If you're interested in giving back in a larger way, there are ways to make sure your charity benefits from a lump sum contribution or even ongoing grant amounts. You can ensure that your charity benefits from these types of donations while you are alive or even after you are gone. Creating a legacy leaves a lasting impression and your charity, who at times can struggle with ongoing financial pressures, will be eternally grateful.

To learn more about the benefits of charitable giving, let's meet and discuss some options. Any registered charity in Canada can benefit from your generosity. You can book an appointment with me here or call the office and we can set up a time to meet.