"Medicare for all" ... or is it?

Dawn Luhning |

I just ran across this article in some of my daily readings today. It is an article about Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders and his fascination with the Canadian medical system. It is an interesting read and as I read it, I realized that we often, because visiting the doctor, or a hospital is free in Canada, tend to take our medical system for granted. Can you imagine, and do this for a moment, think about what you would do if you had to find money to walk into the doctor's office and see a doctor? Visits in the US can be hundreds of dollars each time.

We don't think about this because we live in Canada.

But what this article also made me realize is that not all medical care IS free and the parallels in the story about Mr. Sanders experiences when his mother became ill are telling. What if you are diagnosed with cancer OR a family member is, your husband/wife, child or close relative and you want to do everything you can to be with your loved one? Mr. Sanders references the financial strain he felt while his mother was ill. The similiarities to being at a loved one's bedside while they are sick and taking time off work to do it, could be a significant financial burden. It's one that can be avoided if you plan accordingly.

Critical Illness coverage/insurance is such an important piece of your financial planning for your family. Protect you and your loved ones with some amount of Critical Illness coverage. Being away from work to support a loved one, or even yourself, can be a financial struggle.

Ask me for a quote. And even though our medical system is "medicare for all", don't take it for granted. 

~ Dawn