A mixed bag of events lately... summarized in a few articles

Dawn Luhning |

This past week has certainly brought out a gaggle of topics and interesting articles about those topics.

However, I will digress to begin because I believe it is necessary.

... I am horrified at the tragic shootings in Florida. Honestly, the majority (and I use that word for a reason) of politicians must make changes to the United States' gun laws...once and for all. Unbelievable. My sincere condolences to the families involved in this horrific tragedy. When on earth will this all end...

The Olympics have begun and Mark McMorris has won bronze in the Slopestyle final. From being seriously and critically injured to a bronze medal. He, and Canada, are very proud.

Tessa and Scott (they don't even need last names anymore in my opinion), Canada's darlings of figure skating dazzled their way to gold, again in the Free Dance. Take a look if you didn't see it here. Beautiful!

I will touch briefly on the outcome from North Battleford in the Colten  Boushie case. One of my past colleagues from the SUMA board and former City Councillor from Saskatoon, Tiffany Paulsen, Q.C., weighs into the issue of the horrible social media comments surrounding this case. You can have a read here. We should all be ashamed that this continues to be the norm in our world currently in the social media realm. You cannot treat people this way. For whatever reason, we've allowed the keyboard warriors to set the tone. I believe it needs to stop.

Moose Jaw City Council approved two licenses for retail cannabis outlets issued by the Province of Saskatchewan to a unanimous vote. In Regina, it looks like the issue is a bit more contentious with the approval of six retail outlets there. I ran across this article this morning in my Linked In feed. It touches on the issues surrounding the differences between medical and recreational marijuana. July 1 brings the legalization of recreational marijuana/cannabis. Nothing in these laws touches on medical marijuana. Medical cannabis now is not allowed to be sold in store fronts and is only sold through online ordering. As of July 1, recreational cannabis will be allowed to be sold from store fronts. Figure that one out.

There are many issues surrounding these new federal laws that have yet to be sorted out so stay tuned. I then ran across this blog, from a local writer from Saskatoon, Tammy Robert, who also has an interesting perspective on the delays in SK provincial legislation. 

And finally, we are well through 75% of RRSP season. The deadline to contribute for your 2017 taxes is March 1. The market had a rough week last week but has since recovered slightly. Issues surrounding rising interest rates and worries over inflation are causing some concern. More and more it looks like being exposed to the global market vs specific sectors is better for your portfolio, and your stomach. Here is a recent blog on the market movements from Invesco Canada. On the fixed income side, the 5 year GIC rate hit 3.05% (for non-registered money) the other day. The highest it has been in years.

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On a lighter note, pitchers and catchers reported to spring training camp yesterday and today. Baseball is back and that means spring is on the way! Go Yankees! 

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~ Dawn