My story about being diagnosed with breast cancer...

Dawn Luhning |

I wanted to share with you an article that I was interviewed for shortly after my diagnosis of breast cancer. Being protected with critical illness insurance helped me to breathe a bit easier when I wasn't sure what kind of treatments I was faced with. Was I going to be able to work? How much time would I need to take off? Wait. If I don't work, I won't have any money/no income.

We all want to think that it will never happen to us. Well it happened to me. And I was protected with insurance. If you are interested in a quote for coverage, let me know and I can help you with an amount based around a year's worth of your income.

By purchasing critical illness coverage, if you are diagnosed with cancer, you'll be able to take time off work, breathe easy and know your bills will be paid while you focus on your health.

Are you covered?