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Dawn Luhning |

Each day I scan the headlines for interesting news articles related to my business, my clients and even some other fun and interesting facts that aren't necessarily related to the business but are of interest to many of us. There's been a number of articles this week that I believe are good news stories and movements on a company's part to solidify some kind of market share and dominance in a particular industry. Two such articles caught my eye this week.

The first is one via Invesco Canada's blog highlighting the purchase of FOX by Disney. You can see that article/blog here. With all the talk about the new Star Wars movie/sequel, this news story is huge for Disney and its shareholders. It's a great read.

Then, a bit closer to home, last week Desjardins group announced a merger between Credential, QTrade and NEI Investments creating a new wealth management company called Aviso Wealth. Here is a link to a video from BNN about that merger. Desjardins is a large credit union in Eastern Canada and this is just another move on Desjardins' part to establish itself out west and continue to gather new clients and new market share under it's large umbrella of services. I am a part of Desjardins group as well but unaffected by this merger. If you're not interested in watching a video (it's about 7 minutes long) here is a quick article about that merger and I will continue to keep you updated as information becomes available. If you are a part of any of the three companies named above, you may see some changes. I'm here to help you keep informed about those possibilities.

And finally, on the 'lighter' side of things, today is National "Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf" Day. If you haven't seen this movie, and you have kids, or grandkids, or even don't have either of those and want a good laugh and a feel good story at Christmas, watch this movie. Here's the clip from the film that is being recognized today. My favorite colour is blue, BLUE!! :)

Enjoy and wow! It's one week until Christmas. This year has gone fast...take good care everyone!

~ Dawn