Nothing like a dose of reality to get you in the planning mode...

Dawn Luhning |

May I get a bit personal this morning? Ok, it's my blog. I will.

My paternal grandparents are still blessed to be on this earth. Who's blessed? We all are. I've considered myself very lucky at age 48 to still have two grandparents alive.

But to be frank, and with a small tear in my eye, these last few weeks have not been easy. They are both in the hospital in Regina. Failing in health and the inevitable may be upon us (yet all their tests come back with flying colours!) . My family, on both sides, have longevity. My grandpa is 100 and my grandma is 94. I love them both dearly. However, I'm concerned in particular for MY dad. My dad has been going into the hospital every day since my grandpa was admitted because... that's what we do, right? We're there for our loved ones.

So many things run through our minds as we're faced with these kinds of situations. My dad and mom are in their early 70s. In my eyes, still young and lots of years ahead of them. But caring for loved ones can run you down. It takes a toll. I don't want to see my parents go downhill too soon. No one does.

My dad asked me some financial questions this morning. Probably because he's thinking about all kinds of things. It's a natural reaction...

I had ran across this Estate planning article a few days ago and I find it timely. We all have financial and estate issues we should deal with sooner rather than later in regards to our estate planning. Have a read and if you have questions, or need some help sorting through your concerns or questions, I can help.

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