Office update, 20 February 2021

Dawn Luhning |

Good Saturday morning to you all!

Just a brief update about my office for the next little while. We are moving to the third floor of the Hammond Building sometime within the next few weeks. The exact date of when I will be fully set up in our new space is a bit up in the air right now as we tackle some MAJOR renos. I will continue to keep you updated as things move along.

As of yesterday, my part time assistant Krista, moved on to a full time position with another business in the city. For the time being, Rachelle will be looking after some of Krista's tasks and so I would ask that you be a bit patient with us as I transition Rachelle into the GIC area of my business (which is what Krista managed). Krista was able to train Rachelle before she left and Rachelle is confident that she is on top of everything. I am going to see how everything goes with Rachelle over the next few weeks and then make a decision to hire another part time assistant (possibly) who would then be in the office between 9 and noon or 9 and 1pm. Both Rachelle and I are continuing to work from home for the majority of time as the restrictions around the pandemic continue.

So the best way to reach me is always by phone or by text to my cell at 306.681.8045 and also by email, The main # 306.693.8655 is where you will reach Rachelle and she can relay any messages to me or also help with many tasks that you need as my client. She does do most of the paperwork for me and honestly, does a great job of it!

I will keep you posted as I mentioned, as we literally move, and move through this new transition. Reach out if you have any questions at all. 

Have a great day!

~ Dawn