Office update 25 March 2021

Dawn Luhning |

Morning everyone! I hope you are all well and staying healthy as we continue to navigate our daily lives through this pandemic. 

The decision has been made to stay in the office on the 4th floor of the Hammond Building after all. I am still working from home currently and we are going to give the space a refresh with some paint and some re-decorating. Rachelle and I 'culled' the space last week of unwanted clutter as we were preparing to move (which fell through) and so we decided what a great time to get a fresh perspective and make some changes!

Sometime in April I can tell you that I have a new part-time assistant starting to help with some administration duties and I'll introduce you to her in due time. I will be in the office training her and bringing her up to speed with the processes and my business.

For now, the office remains closed to walk in traffic. You can reach me on me cell phone and by email. I will share pictures of the office when we get things organized and settled.

Be well and stay healthy. Chat soon.

~ Dawn