Savings, savings - so much to save for...

Dawn Luhning |

In my normal every day reading, I ran across two items that I wanted to make sure you all have. First is a savings and retirement planning tool that is very useful to determine if you are on track in your savings for retirement. This is a link offered by Empire Life and is a great tool for determining what more you need to do to save or if you can stay on track with what you are doing now. If you have 20 minutes, take a look and see where you are in your plans.

Then, I also ran across a GREAT article about Group RESPs this morning (Registered Education Savings Plans). These plans have high fees and are not what they say they are. If you want to save for your children or grandchildren's education, consulting with an advisor like me is your best bet. I can provide you with an RESP offered by a mutual fund company or insurance company and the money you save is YOURS, for your children's education and not for the company the fund is run by. At this time of year, when the kids are getting ready for their first day of school, or going back to school, I thought this reminder about being cautionary about some plans that are out there, was timely.

Finally, this weekend is the last weekend of the summer. Wow did it go fast. Our office is closed Friday, August 30 and Monday, September 1 for the Labour Day weekend. Enjoy it :)

~ Dawn