Summer musings...

Dawn Luhning |

It's so hard to believe that it's almost the end of August. And what a GREAT summer we have had. Hot and no bugs. Just how I like it. Now if you are farmer, maybe the summer hasn't been that great or maybe it has. Maybe if you're a teacher you've had two months off - how grand! It's all about perspective. I learned a long time ago to enjoy every sandwich (courtesy of Warren Zevon)...

I just wanted to share a few things with you that I ran across and nothing too deep or involved. Just ideas, articles and issues to think about.

School is about to start. Whether your children or grandchildren are going back to school, now is a great time to think about starting a Registered Education Savings Plan. The government pays a 20% grant for each $2500 contributed per year of age. Free money on your money! It's a no brainer in my opinion. You can contribute and receive the grant up to age 16 and you must have contributed a certain amount a few years before in order to receive the grant. Let's talk.

I also just determined that high interest savings accounts at some of the big banks really aren't 'high' interest. Did you know that Manulife Bank is currently offering 1.4% on their balances held with them? If you happen to have money laying around that you aren't using, why not earn a bit more interest than what the banks can give you? There are always better options. I also can tell you that the GIC rates that I can offer you over the banks usually beat those rates by quite a bit more percentage. Being that I'm a broker, I can shop out the best rates for you and get you the best interest rate on your funds. Another reason to have a conversation.

Finally, my office is closed this Friday, August 24 and next Friday, August 31 for our summer hours. We are back to being open Friday mornings, 9-noon starting on September 7.

Also, you can subscribe to the Morning Brew if you are interested in getting some business news to your inbox each morning. I've also ran across a fun Sports newsletter that some of you may be interested in also. And on that note, my Yankees just gained 3 games on the Red Sox (Sox lost three in a row! gasp) in the pursuit of the American League East. It's always a tough division and the Red Sox are tough this year. 

Have a great rest of your summer everyone!

~ Dawn