Update on my office team ...

Dawn Luhning |

Happy summer everyone!

As some of you may know, Christy is no longer working with me and has moved on to her main career as an esthetician. I wish her so much success!

These next few weeks are going to be busy for me around the office as Sandi and I bring our new assistants up to speed with the business processes. I am very excited about these new ladies working for me in my business and providing the help I need to be able to delegate some tasks that I really should not be doing anymore. As my business grows, I need to be able to provide you with outstanding customer service as well as the financial advice you need to help you build your financial portfolios. I can't do everything and it's time that I let go of certain jobs and let these new ladies take over.

Both of my new assistants are leaving Valley View Centre. I am very pleased that they will be working with me. Rachelle Beler starts full time September 2 and will be helping with marketing and administrative tasks related to mutual funds, segregated funds and insurance policies and products. Krista Buckingham begins part time Monday, July 22, working mornings between 9am and noon focusing mainly on GIC administration tasks and reception. If you are a GIC client and need to update your banking info, or change an address, Krista will be able to help with those. She will be your main point of contact when calling the office or visiting the office. If you have mutual funds, seg funds or insurance, Rachelle is your administration contact on those products. Essentially, I want to streamline the tasks we administer for you, to particular people. It provides free time for me to focus on providing the advice you deserve and managing your portfolios, investments and insurance. When service requests like this are initiated, we will be logging these into our system where you will be able to keep up with the progress of these requests. Email is required to utilize this system. If you do not have email, the "old-fashioned" way will continue - you are only a phone call away to be notified that your request is completed.

As my office moves through these growing stages, Sandi is helping me train and cover time slots throughout July and August until Rachelle is here full time. Our email addresses are as follows:





And our office telephone number remains 306.693.8655.

I am so looking forward to the changes I have in mind and for what I will be able to offer and the focus I will provide you. Thanks for being here with us and I look forward to serving you into the future. 

Enjoy this hot summer weather while it's here!

~ Dawn