Dawn Luhning |

I wanted to update all of you with some changes that I'm going to make to my office hours going forward. I am going to change my posted open time to 9am, Monday to Friday. I will be open in the afternoons, Monday to Thursday from 1:15 - 4pm. My office will continue to be closed Friday afternoons and throughout July and August, all day Fridays. You can always continue to book an appointment online with me here.

I am also going to start taking Tuesday afternoons to be out of the office and meeting new people and potential clients. I remember when I first started as an advisor in this business, someone said "you do more business outside the office than inside". Starting May 1, I will be frequenting one of my favorite coffee shops, Starbucks, on Tuesday afternoons. So if you need to get a hold of me or would like to have a visit and a tea or coffee with me, you'll be able to reach me on my mobile. 

I also would like to start offering webinars and seminars covering various insurance and investment topics. There will be more information on this to come in the next few weeks. There is really so much to keep up with in this business in regards to finances, market movements etc. that I believe offering short webinars on various subjects would be valuable for you. I will also be planning two seminars per year. One in late spring and the other in early to mid-fall. If you have suggestions for topics, drop me an email!

And finally, I will be out of the office between April 11 and 20. David and I are taking a trip to Boston and New York to see my Yankees play ball! We are so excited. We've never been to Boston and we are going to see two games at historic Fenway Park and then back to New York to watch them play the Miami Marlins. Gail will be helping out in the office for some of those days and I believe I have hired a new part-time assistant to take her place! I will introduce you to her soon. She is able to start Monday, April 2 and begin her training and learning the ropes. Be easy on her as she learns about everything! :)

Thank you all for reading my blog regularly and for any of you who are my clients, thank you so much for your business. Have a fantastic Easter weekend and I'll chat with you again early in the week to introduce you to my new hire!

Go Yankees (opening day is Thursday, March 29) at Toronto. I will be watching and cheering. Talk again soon!

~ Dawn