Want a second opinion or just consolidate your assets?

Dawn Luhning |

Have you ever wondered if a second opinion on your investments would be helpful? When I'm discussing investments with clients, I often find out that many of them have mutual funds at the bank. We discuss at certain points in our reviews and analysis that consolidating assets away from the bank can be helpful come estate time. But consolidating assets with me doesn't mean that you have to let those bank mutual funds go. I can hold them as they are!

If you have mutual funds with Royal Bank or with Bank of Montreal, I can hold those mutual funds here with DLSolutions and Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. Same fund, same account, different advisor (me!). Consolidation complete!

If you've ever wondered about a second opinion or would just simply like to consolidate with one advisor, I would be happy to help with your bank mutual funds. All it takes is a meeting to discuss your options. My assistant Gail would be happy to set up an appointment for us to discuss consolidation of assets. You can call the office at 306.693.8655 or email Gail at gail@dlsolutionsforyou.com.

~ Dawn