What the banks can't give you...

Dawn Luhning |

One of the most common mistakes people make is having all of their investment eggs in one basket. Often, the most common place for individuals to have their assets is at their bank. Unless you are getting advice from the bank's insurance division, you could be leaving some nasty estate problems on the table. Banks may not offer allowing beneficiary appointments on non-registered assets and they also are more frequently asking for probate upon the death. One of the cardinal rules of being an investment advisor who is licensed in insurance, like me, is that insurance advisors can offer you investments that can appoint beneficiaries and ultimately bypass probate.

I learned a long time ago from an estate planner that I worked with at Clarica that "you never know someone until you have to share an inheritance with them". Ensure that your estate goes to the individuals you want it to go to, smoothly and without hassle. One of Desjardins great investments is their Guarantee Advantage product for clients looking for capital preservation.

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