Where did the summer go?

Dawn Luhning |

It's hard to believe the summer is technically over. We are facing the final long weekend of the summer, kids are headed back to school and baseball season is in full swing! Some of you may not like it, but, I'm a Yankees fan and we are not out of this yet! September brings great baseball and also, some good programs are back on TV come to think of it... Big Bang Theory, Empire...oh but, I digress...

After this Friday, September 2, we are back to normal office hours and we will be open for regular office hours until noon on Fridays. (The office is closed Friday, September 2) We took Fridays off throughout the summer and it was wonderful. We enjoyed the weather and felt really rejuvenated for the week with an extra day off. 

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a happy September long weekend and as you get back into routines, my annual reviews for clients are beginning again. If you're already a client, you'll be hearing from me to do an annual review between September 15 and December 15 if your birthday is in the first half of the year. I'll do my second half of reviews after RRSP season, beginning in March for clients born in July-December. If for any reason you would like to do a review sooner, you can let me know or book online here to my schedule at a time that works for you and me! Of course, January and February is RRSP season and we can get together then if you need to do a contribution as well.

Thanks so much for listening to me weekly on my blog. Again, if you have something you would like me to write about, let me know and I'll add it to the list of topics. Also, if you haven't taken a look at my LinkedIn profile, wander over and have a read. Social media is keeping us all connected and topics will continue to pop up on these mediums regularly as well.

Happy September!