“You have breast cancer”…now what?

Dawn Luhning |

August 27 was my seven year anniversary for having a lump removed for breast cancer. Also, seven years ago, I made a claim on my critical illness insurance policy that I had purchased six years before that. At 43, I was now a statistic and unsure of what came next … I was scared.

… I never thought I would claim on that policy. I had purchased it with return of premium and thought “if I don’t claim on it, this will be part of my retirement plans. I’ll use the return of premium option to fund my some of my retirement”.

Instead, I received a lump sum payment, tax free to do with what I wanted. At the time, I was awaiting my visit to the Allan Blair Centre in Regina. I didn’t know if I was facing chemotherapy or radiation, or both. I was scared. I also didn’t know if I was going to be able to work and if I couldn’t work, how would my bills be paid? Suddenly, there was what was important before the diagnosis and what was important after the diagnosis. The difference between the two moments in time was diametrically opposite.

My critical illness policy and the funds that came from it, provided me with some HUGE peace of mind.

I want everyone to have that peace of mind. This week on my podcast, I am interviewing one of my colleagues in the insurance business who is an account executive with Empire Life. We explore the statistics, the devastation a diagnosis like this can cause if you don’t protect yourself financially, and how you can help yourself by investing in a policy like I had.

Even a small policy is better than no policy at all. Investigate your options and don’t leave your family and you exposed to the financial hardship a critical illness diagnosis can cause. It’s not necessary to go through those problems. Talk to me and I can provide you with some options for coverage. 

Be well everyone.

~ Dawn