You're busy. I get it. I'd like to make ALL of this easier for you.

Dawn Luhning |

GO RIDERS!! I have a football game to watch!

We are all busy. Days are full with our kids' activities, work, meetings. Trying to squeeze in some free time to maybe watch a show on Netflix or Crave is hard to come by. Meeting with your financial advisor is important as well but where do you find the time to meet?

I'd like to make things a bit easier for you. Did you know that many insurance companies now allow me to provide non-face to face meetings with clients to apply for insurance? Technology is making this even easier because I can share my screen with you so you can see what the insurance company is asking and the applications are online and easier to use. What used to take an hour to do can now take 20 minutes and you're now the superstar planner! The same goes for opening up savings accounts of many kinds. I can collect information from you, you return it to me, I send you the paperwork either electronically or by mail and you return it and voila! Savings accounts started!

I know you're busy and if you have a half hour to spare, maybe over a lunch hour or before your kids get home from school, we can apply for that insurance policy you've been thinking about. Maybe someone you know just recently passed away and you've been thinking about re-doing your life insurance. You've been paying premiums for mortgage insurance at the bank, and you've received a blog notice from me telling you to buy personal insurance instead. Your insurance should pay your beneficiaries and not the bank and you've been meaning to call me, but, haven't. I've told you my story a number of times about being diagnosed with cancer and what the critical illness policies that I owned, did for me. Someone else you know just received a serious health diagnosis and you think you should have some critical illness coverage. You know your biggest asset is your income and you too want to protect your income from being diagnosed with cancer and having to take time off work.

Maybe you've been meaning to open a Registered Education Savings Plan for your children and haven't had the time. You should start an RRSP or a TFSA but haven't had the time. All the things you should be doing take time and effort. Sometimes it's just too much to think about.

Give me 20 minutes to a half hour and we can have a call virtually through video call or the old fashioned way and I can send you the paperwork to sign.

As time goes by, time means money. Before you know it, your kids are in high school and three years away from university. Yikes I haven't saved enough! Yesterday you were 25 and next year you're celebrating your 50th birthday. Trust me, I know.

Don't wait to start protecting you and your loved ones from the unexpected and saving for your future, your retirement, next year's trip to Mexico or the renovations you've been wanting to do. NOW is the time. Let me help.

Let's talk and let's schedule a short "meeting" for me to gather the info I need to help you put these valuable financial plans into place. And by "meeting" I mean, email me or call or text me (306.681.8045), tell me what you're interested in getting in place, and let me and my assistants do the rest.

Talk soon.

~ Dawn