Savings, savings - so much to save for...

In my normal every day reading, I ran across two items that I wanted to make sure you all have. First is a savings and retirement planning tool that is very useful to determine if you are on track in your savings for retirement.

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RESPs (from me or another financial institution) vs Group RESPs (i.e. Cdn Scholarship Trust Fund)

If you have an RESP with one of these scholarship trust funds, I will say one word - RUN.

I just had a client in my office who told me that they have this account and I have proposed the better option of opening an RESP with me. Then this morning I ran across this article that highlights all the reasons why you should RUN from this plan. Before one of their sales reps ropes you in or even during (to a certain degree), just RUN.

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Don't miss out!

As I was working on a Registered Education Savings Plan for one of my clients, I wanted to bring something to your attention. 2017 is the last year to get the SAGES grant from the Saskatchewan government. If you'd like to take advantage of free money from the SK Party government, now is the time to do so.

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